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Granite Park Sports Complex is operated by the Central Valley Community Sports Foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that looks to provide a safe space for children and families from diverse backgrounds, creating community and fostering success in the process. By managing resources and donations in innovative ways, our nonprofit is creating a true and lasting difference for the community. 


The complex is located on 20 acres in Granite Park on land owned by the City of Fresno and sits in a perfect location that brings people all over the state to our city. 



At Granite Park, you’ll find the ultimate leagues for every age, style, and level of play; including Granite Park youth and adult leagues.



Over 35 youth and adult tournaments take place at Granite Park each year. Whether you are attending a tournament or one of the many others that take place at the complex, you’ll find the perfect setting for players and spectators.


Kids Camps & Training

Thousands of kids build their skills at Granite Park in the various training programs and camps that take place every year, including youth programs from Central Valley Community Sports Foundation and Central California Travel Baseball.

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