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The health and safety of the visitors, players, and staff members of the Granite Park Sports Complex is our top priority. By adhering to these park rules, you'll be helping keep the park open for our community.

  • No Outside Food or Drinks, this includes all bottled liquids. Empty containers can be brought in and filled with water at the snack bar for FREE

  • No Cleats

  • No Seeds

  • No Gum

  • No Profanity

  • No Animals unless it is a service animal or is a dog that is leashed. You are responsible with all dog clean-up and actions.

  • No Smoking/Vaping

  • No Fighting

  • No Chewing Tobacco

  • No Littering

  • Park at your own risk especially near baseball fields

  • Granite Park has the right to refuse service to anyone

Failure to adhering to Granite Park's rules will lead to expulsion from the grounds.

We appreciate your corporation. 

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